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Unlocking Wisdom: Powerful Life Lessons from Andrew Tate

What I Learned from Andrew Tate: Lessons That Shaped My Perspective

In life, we often encounter individuals who leave a lasting impact on us. They may be mentors, friends, family members, or even strangers who, through their words, actions, or experiences, impart valuable lessons that shape our perspective. In this blog post, I would like to share some profound lessons that I have learned from Hustle Univercity and how they have influenced my outlook on business.


The first lesson emphasizes the importance of speed in achieving success. Taking quick and decisive action is crucial in today's fast-paced world. Instead of overthinking and getting caught up in analysis paralysis, it's important to make decisions swiftly and adapt as needed.

For example: I say to someone, I have an idea to start this business, blog or whatever things. And the next week, I say the same words.

What! Bullshit, then what I did in last week when I got that idea. Where is the action?

So, Tate says, do it now with speed, speed, more n more speed, speed.


This lesson highlights the significance of generating income and focusing on the revenue-generating aspects of your business or endeavors. It's important to prioritize activities that bring in money and contribute to your financial growth.

Tate says, the business is money-in, not money out.

For example: T-shirt Printing, Cosmatic Manufacturing with Labels.

I want to start an e-commerce store for t-shirt or cosmatic items. I will find a manufacture, and put thier product on my marketpalce or distribution channel and will test. If I got money in my pocket,will grow it with the earned revenue. 

Simple, the actual business is the MONEY-IN. 

Brainstrom: Custom Label Manufacturers

Custom label manufacturers specialize in producing unique and tailored labels for specific products or industries. They work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, including label materials, shapes, sizes, finishes, and printing techniques, to create customized labels that meet their exact needs.


This lesson encourages starting projects or business ideas without worrying about initial financial investments. Many successful ventures have started with little to no money, relying on creativity, resourcefulness, and determination to build something from scratch.

Example- Go thru the lesson 2, do some brainstroming.

Second, I am running this blog on google blogger. I did not spend tiny shit on paid hosting. Whenever I will feel, I should go to another platform. Then I will go.


Recognizing the value of friends and family, this lesson emphasizes the importance of involving and seeking support from those close to you. They can be a valuable resource in building your business or pursuing your goals.


Tristan Tate (Adrew Tate's Brother) gave an example about family. He met with someone who was driving a ferrari. But his income/status is not like that he should drive a ferrari. So what was the secret behind this?

Well, He said, they are 6 members and working in different field. but living together in a big house(not in 6 small houses) with thier wives and children. They all put their money in single vault. So, ferrari is small goal for them, because they can deposit the small downpayment and easily pay the EMIs. Whoever wants to drive ferrari, will take it. 


This lesson emphasizes the significance of commanding respect in professional and personal interactions. Building credibility, demonstrating expertise, and treating others with respect are essential in earning the respect and cooperation of others.

but I learned something differnt from above passage. Tate says- Go to gym, Get in shape, and command your business.


This lesson highlights the importance of selling or marketing your products or services effectively. Understanding your target audience and their needs, and effectively communicating the value of your offerings, is key to successful sales.


This lesson suggests that it's important to focus on building wealth and establishing a solid financial foundation before investing in legal matters. Prioritizing financial growth first allows for more stability and resources to handle legal issues when they arise.

Tate says - Earn first(Money-in), we don't need to legalize from day one. If free ideas for testing puspose. Fisrt make some handsome money, and now invest this money to make it big. Don't do it unless it is necessary to legalize it.


This lesson encourages resourcefulness and making the most of what you already have. Instead of waiting for ideal conditions or perfect resources, make use of what is available to you and find creative solutions to challenges.

See, this blog is on google blogger and simple blogging theme is enogh to share knowledge. We always don't need fancy shit. Other then, what we have is enough to go with flow.


This lesson emphasizes the importance of providing a clear objective and direction to your staff or team. Clearly communicating goals and expectations helps align everyone's efforts and fosters a sense of purpose and motivation.

Tate says - two important factor required in staffing. Either staffs make you money or save you time, or you don't need them.

Sell staff will sell the things and bring money-in and you'll be able to sit there and see exactly each week - how much money that members make you and make sure that they made you more than he costs you. And other hand, staffs are going to save save you time even it's ageneral assistant. You'll be able to see the time, saved with the tasks given to them and you need to be sit down with a piece of paper once a week or whatever to audit the staff. 

how much money do they make? how much do they cost? what tasks did they complete? and how longer my life would be ease?


The final lesson suggests reviewing and revisiting the previous lessons to reinforce the key takeaways and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the principles discussed.

The lessons I learned from someone have had a profound impact on my life. From starting business with less and test the free ideas, these lessons have shaped my perspective on businesse. I am forever grateful for the person who imparted these valuable lessons, and I carry them with me as I continue to grow, learn, and evolve on my own journey. May we all cherish the lessons we learn from others and strive to make a positive impact on those around us.


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